Single Cell Analysis Symposium

March 12, 2014 @ the University of Pennsylvania

Hold the date for this all-day symposium. Speakers include Nancy Allbritton, Helen Blau, Chi Dang, Jim Eberwine, Junhyong Kim, Christopher Murray, Garry Nolan, Arjun Raj and Sherman Weissman.

More details and registration here for this free event.


The next frontier in the genome sciences will be developing technology that captures novel quantitative biological measurements ... more about genomics

Outreach for Undergraduates

A big thanks to Lauren Francey, Chantal Francis, Sunil Sukumaran, Marijana Vujkovic and Amanda Zacharias for their time and presentations at the 2013 genomics info sessions! Details for next year's sessions will be posted in January 2014.


What is Genomics? What kind of research do genomicists do? How do I get involved in genomics research?

2013 Informational sessions for undergraduates

Genomics is rapidly advancing our understanding of the world—and promising incredible changes for how we live. Come learn about some of the revolutionary, multidisciplinary research in the genome sciences.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013, 4-5 PM


Wednesday, March 13, 2013, 4-5 PM

Each session will provide an overview of genomics and highlight some of the exciting genomics-related research being done at Penn.  The program will consist of a series of short presentations.  Participants will get the opportunity to ask questions to researchers about their work and about getting involved with genomics research.  Students with a passion for science, math, medicine, technology and/or engineering are highly encouraged to attend.  Anyone with a curiosity about genomics is welcome. Please sign up above.

Snacks will be provided.

If you have any questions, please contact events[at]

PGFI Announcements

The PGFI Fall 2013 Newsletter can be viewed here.

Educational Facility Professional Development Workshops can be applied for here.



Based at the University of Pennsylvania, Penn Genome Frontiers Institute (PGFI) is a university-wide institute dedicated to the advancement of the interdisciplinary field of genomics research. PGFI fosters collaborations and scientific exchange across biology, veterinary medicine, pharmacology, medicine, genetics, microbiology, engineering, physics, chemistry and psychology. Our mission...