Single Cell Analysis Symposium

March 12, 2014 @ the University of Pennsylvania

Hold the date for this all-day symposium. Speakers include Nancy Allbritton, Helen Blau, Chi Dang, Jim Eberwine, Junhyong Kim, Christopher Murray, Garry Nolan, Arjun Raj and Sherman Weissman.

More details and registration here for this free event.


The next frontier in the genome sciences will be developing technology that captures novel quantitative biological measurements ... more about genomics

PGFI Community Lectures and Special Events

The next free public lecture will be in May 2013. Information will be posted in late March 2013.

You can watch recordings of past events by visiting the links below.


Past Special Events

“Genomics of Autism Spectrum Disorders”

Monday, November 12, 2012, 6-8 PM at The Franklin Institute (Program, Speaker Bios)

Lecture and discussion on ASD featuring Drs. Edward Brodkin, Maja Bucan, Ellen Giarelli, Judith Miller and Gerard Schellenberg. The program was emceed by Larry Blumenthal, the Executive Producer for Health at

Lecture and Discussion recording (758 MB, mp4 file, downloadable) or view it on NSF's Science360.

"Cancer and Our Genome: Insight and Hope."


Monday, April 23, 2012, 6-8 PM, at The Franklin Institute (Program, Speaker Bios)

This lecture and discussion featured cancer experts Drs. Chi Van Dang (Abramson Cancer Center, Penn), Yael Mosse (Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia), Katherine Nathanson (Penn), Anil Rustgi (Penn) and Ashani Weeraratna (Wistar). The evening was emceed by WHYY’s Taunya English.

Lecture and Discussion recording (1.32 GB, m4v file, downloadable) or view it on NSF's Science360.


 "What Genomics Can Tell Us about Everyday Behaviors and Why These Behaviors Can Change"

Monday, April 18, 2011, 6-8 PM at The Franklin Institute (Program, Speaker Bios)

Three talks and a Q&A panel discussion featuring University of Pennsylvania experts on genomics and different aspects of behavior, including biological rhythms, sleep, addiction, eating, stress and depression. See poster here.

Speakers: Drs. Berrettini, Hogenesch, and Sehgal

Invited Panelists: Drs. Bence and Lucki

Moderated by Science Columnist from the Philadelphia Inquirer, Faye Flam.  

Watch a recording of the event:

iTunes and other versions coming soon.

This program was part of the inaugural Philadelphia Science Festival in April, a citywide collaboration of more than 105 organizations that celebrates science and technology. Photos of the event can be viewed here.


Cover of Program, 3-30-10 "Evolving Genomes: Human Origins and Our Microbial Passengers"

Lecture and discussion from October 26, 2010, 6-8 PM, at The Franklin Institute (Program, Speaker Bios)

This program addressed human and microbial diversity and how variation in genetic material reflects our history and shapes our health.

Recorded formats:


Cover of Program, 3-30-10 "Genomics and Health: Cradle to Grave"

Lecture and Discussion from March 30, 2010, 6-8 PM, at The Franklin Institute (Program, Speaker Bios)

View or listen to the recording of this lecture and discussion about how genomics informs our understanding of age-dependent diseases:

  • Direct file download: Lecture (848 MB, MPEG-4 Video) and Panel Discussion (554 MB, MPEG-4 Video).
  • YouTube
  • NSF's Science360 (Lecture, Panel)
  • iTunes (follow this link to the Penn iTunes U page in iTunes and click on the Penn Genome Frontiers Institute link under "News, Programs, and Events").

2009 Programs:

Instructing our Own Cells: Repairing Bodies and Restoring Health (9/30/09)

Open Society and Genomics-enabled Personalized Medicine (2/9/09)

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