Single Cell Analysis Symposium

March 12, 2014 @ the University of Pennsylvania

Hold the date for this all-day symposium. Speakers include Nancy Allbritton, Helen Blau, Chi Dang, Jim Eberwine, Junhyong Kim, Christopher Murray, Garry Nolan, Arjun Raj and Sherman Weissman.

More details and registration here for this free event.


The next frontier in the genome sciences will be developing technology that captures novel quantitative biological measurements ... more about genomics

Garret FitzGerald, McNeil Professor in Translational Medicine and Therapeutics, was awarded the $100k Schottenstein Prize for his substantial contributions to the cardiovascular sciences. Dr. FitzGerald was recognized in a ceremony on Oct. 2 at The Ohio State University’s Heart and Vascular Center, which administers the prize.

Arjun Raj, Assistant Professor of Bioengineering, has caught the attention of Popular Science with his gene expression research. Dr. Raj was recognized as one of 2013’s young researchers who are “dramatically reshaping their fields—and the future.”


PGFI member John Maris, Director of the Center for Childhood Cancer Research at CHOP and Professor of Pediatrics at Penn’s Perelman School of Medicine, will co-lead with NCI Chief of Pediatric Oncology, Crystal Mackall, a $14.5 million project, “Immunogenomics to Create New Therapies for High-Risk Childhood Cancers.” Dream Team Investigators include PGFI Associate Director Tom Curran and PGFI member Richard Aplenc.

NIH award for new computing cluster

PGFI has been awarded an almost $2 million grant to purchase a state-of-the-art cluster from IBM (1280 processors with 8GB RAM per core, a 850TB high-performance file system, and a 750TB tape data archive system). The system, expected to go online September 2013, will enable greater capacity and lower cost for genomic computing.

PGFI Announcements

The PGFI Fall 2013 Newsletter can be viewed here.

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